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Available Position:

Practice Manager

Reports to:

Dr. Brandon Prince

Job Description:

The practice manager is responsible for administrative and personnel management of the practice. The practice manager monitors inventory, manages the veterinary practice-management software and implements safety and training programs. He or she also handles and/or oversees duties outlined in the office manager’s job description. This leadership position sets the example for all staff to follow in client service and practice management. The practice manager directly supervises team leaders such as technician and receptionist supervisors if these positions exist in the hospital. Although the practice manager is not a veterinarian, he or she should have general veterinary medical knowledge to ensure standards of care are followed for both patient care and client service.

Educational Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree and/or management experience
  • Certified Veterinary Practice Manager designation is desired but not required

Skills Needed:

  • Ability to manage daily business activities of a veterinary hospital
  • Ability to make management decisions
  • Leadership and supervisory skills to manage all support staff

Physical Obligations:

  • Able to lift patients and carry equipment up to 25 pounds; ability to lift patients or carry equipment over 25 pounds with assistance
  • Endure sitting, standing and walking on hard floor surfaces for extended periods
  • Type information for patient records, client records, employee records, payroll, and client communications into the computer
  • Spend extended periods in a seated posture
  • Able to work in noisy work conditions with sounds from animals and equipment
  • Take safety precautions for exposure to toxins, drugs, anesthesia and radiation


Personnel Duties (60%)

  • Achieve optimal staffing levels for maximum productivity and client service
  • Hire and interview support staff
  • Supervise staff
  • Handle disciplinary actions, firing and legal responsibilities of employment
  • Oversee or create the work schedules for support staff
  • Manage employee benefits (i.e. health insurance, dental insurance, staff veterinary care allowance, retirement plan, life insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, etc.)


  • Ensure staff are properly trained for their respective positions
  • Ensure support staff receives timely performance reviews at least annually, with every six months as the ideal
  • Craft and maintain personnel manual and policies, with timely updates at least annually or as new policies are implemented
  • Mediate personnel issues
  • Structure continuing education and training for support staff
  • Plan agendas and organize timely staff meetings
  • Develop written job descriptions, reviewing and updating responsibilities annually
  • Set support staff salaries, working in collaboration with the practice owner(s)


Client Satisfaction & Marketing Duties (25%)

  • Grow and develop practice revenue centers
  • Promote a client-centered practice environment
  • Deal with clients in a manner that shows sensitivity, tact and professionalism
  • Monitor key performance indicators monthly and shares results with practice owner(s) and appropriate staff
  • Manage, maintain and provide training on practice-management software


  • Conduct client satisfaction surveys, tabulate results and share feedback with staff
  • Track sources of new clients and client-retention rates
  • Develop plans to grow the number of new clients (As a benchmark, strive for 20-30 new clients per month per full-time doctor. For example, a two-doctor practice should welcome 40-60 new clients per month.)
  • Create and implement a practice marketing program (i.e. referral thank-you program, targeted letters, reminder system, website, etc.)
  • Oversee building and equipment maintenance
  • Oversee and maintain housekeeping standards


Accounting Duties (15%)

  • Prepare or supervise creation of business accounting reports
  • Set financial policies for clients, working in collaboration with the practice owner(s) (i.e. CareCredit, payment plans, deposits for surgeries, etc.)
  • Review and/or prepare accounts payable and receivable


  • With practice owner(s) help and approval, review and adjust the fee schedule at least annually for professional services, with quarterly fee review as optimal. In addition, product price adjustments should be made at the time when the cost of goods increases or decreases.
  • Establish hospital budget and growth projections
  • Review and/or purchase supplies and equipment, conducting periodic reviews to ensure the best prices and quality are received


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