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Available Position:

Veterinary Technician Assistant

Reports to:

Kimberley Anderson

Job Description:

As a Vet Tech Assistant, your job entails several important aspects of the hospital. These include supervised animal care and treatment, customer service, and hospital cleanliness.


  • ability to follow directions with and without supervision
  • lift objects or pets of at least 30lbs
  • recognize certain behaviors in animals
  • learn and understand medical terminology and minor procedures
  • ask questions when a task is unclear


  • show leadership towards other kennel staff
  • have a positive, helpful attitude
  • work with computers and other office equipment
  • spell, alphabetize, and perform basic mathematics
  • provide exceptional customer service
  • know your limitations and stay within those limits



  • restraint
  • obtaining fecal and urine samples
  • assisting with toe nail trims, ear cleanings and anal gland expressions
  • minor bathing
  • minor mathematics (for dilution of chemicals)
  • cleaning of surgical equipment
  • maintaining supplies including cleaning supply inventory
  • knowledge of contagious diseases and isolation protocols
  • walking patients during hospitalization
  • maintaining safety when walking patients and opening cages
  • assisting techs and tech assistants in opening and closing checklist
  • stocking of supplies throughout hospital
  • knowledge of patient isolation protocols
  • always maintaining a high standard of patient care
  • assisting the tech assistants, technicians and doctors in any way asked

Customer Service Responsibilities:

  • assisting Client Care, Techs and Tech Assistants with maintaining medical charts
  • appropriate record keeping
  • knowledge of computer system
  • filling prescriptions (with technician direction when needed)


  • assisting clients with multiple pets or large purchases
  • bringing up patients and assisting others with discharges
  • maintaining compassion, sympathy and professionalism during high-stress situations


Hospital Cleanliness Responsibilities:

  • vacuuming, mopping, and dusting
  • changing garbage
  • following daily, weekly and monthly task lists
  • cleaning the surgery room from top to bottom
  • cleaning and maintaining all sinks


  • laundry
  • understanding and using proper dilutions for cleaning solutions
  • cleaning windows, walls, and doors
  • replenishing supplies (including paper towels, garbage bags, air fresheners)
  • overall maintenance (both inside and outside the hospital) of the sights, smells and sounds of the hospital


Some tasks may be assigned to a specific staff member to complete. Some tasks may be added or removed from this list as deemed necessary for the safety and well-being of our patients.

Opportunities for Growth:

There are several areas of potential growth as a Vet Tech Assistant in our hospital. By demonstrating the desire to perform and/or learn additional tasks, this position can be upgraded to Vet Tech should the position become available.

These are just a few of the tasks that we feel would demonstrate the desire of a Vet Tech Assistant to learn and grow more in our hospital:

  • ability to handle large, anxious and angry pets
  • ability to provide minor treatments (including feedings and oral medications) to hospitalized patients
  • learning to use technical equipment
  • setting up fecals
  • asking questions of technical staff


  • ability to notice when assistance is needed without being asked
  • knowledge of where supplies are located
  • assisting technicians in keeping exam rooms clean between appointments
  • stocking medical supplies
  • solo toe nail trims and ear cleanings
  • appropriate record keeping
  • ability to prepare vaccines and medications
  • knowledge of vaccines and their protocols


By assisting the technicians, assistants, and doctors, we can maintain the highest standard of care for our patients. This is extremely important. Every aspect of the patient’s care rolls over into customer service as well. Serving the clients beyond their expectations with our animal care, customer service, and hospital cleanliness will enable us to forge strong bonds with our clients and their pets.

Successfully filling this position combined with formal training in the form of Penn Foster or equivalent enrollment, is the first step to tech assistant promotion. If you have any questions regarding this advancement, please speak with your direct supervisor.

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